Summary: Ila Dhageyso project (English Translation: Listen with Me) attempts to evaluate the use of interactive IVR app (Interactive Voice Response System) as a medium to broadcast and collect information from people with limited computer literacy or access to mass communication tools. Ila Dhageyso leverages free cloud-based services like Drop Box, YouTube to connect people with basic phones to popular social media sites such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Locally, Ila Dhageyso works to establish an audio-based forum to disseminate knowledge and information.Problem: Somaliland has fragmented media landscape that is subject to tribal biases, facts distortion, and manipulations. Often, exaggeration or misrepresentation of facts prompts hostility towards the authorities and results in instability, especially in remote areas. The existing media outlets do not reach low-literate and low-income rural  populations. There is a need for independent and unbiased civic media platform which is responsible to broadcast information from critical governmental agencies and collect feedback from citizens.Ila Dhageyso: A voice discussion forum which enables a direct communication channel between government officials and rural tribal populations. It enables callers to listen and respond to official recordings from the Presidential Ministry, as well as to the responses of other callers. Audio messages are also threaded and posted on YouTube for people in the Diaspora. Ila Dhageyso Service works as follows in this diagram:

ila2 copy

For example, here a collection of feedback recordings from citizens who want to provide suggestions or submit complaints to the Somaliland Government. For English translation the audio content, please click on the map visualization tab (please reload the page if you can’t view the playlist below, or disable ad blocker plus plugin and reload the page).

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